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In response to the perception that too much urban fabric of value was being lost, planning policy has developed in a way which has identified areas of architectural and historic interest and established special protection for them. In the present context it is enough to say that the law provides that development in such areas must preserve or enhance their character. The design question raised by new development proposals needs us to define the architectural character which is now appropriate to the place.  We have extensive experience of appearing at public inquiries on behalf of both public and private clients, as well as using our expertise to resolve obstacles and to negotiate beneficial consent.

Our initial assessment of the project; a document review local, regional and national policy framework, site analysis and context appraisal; is followed by a review of the design principles and objectives that inform the proposals, and the arguments that support and strengthen the case. We draw upon our assessment of the character of the locality and the way the proposal is designed to respond to the particular context, to deliver, at appeal or in negotiation, opinions about design quality that are based on objective criteria. We aim to demonstrate the ways in which good architecture can be achieved on sensitive sites or how to avoid harmful poor planning. 

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